While your downtown for Country Days,

why not take advantage of all the great Gyms and Poke Stops.

Some will have Lures on Sunday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

  1. Gym - St. Francis County Courthouse Annex

  2. St. Francis County Courthouse

  3. Farmington Mural

  4. US Post Office

  5. Earth Mother 

  6. Gym - Farmington Fire Department

  7. Hunts Dairy Bar (lure from 3 to 5)

  8. Long Hall (lure from 3 to 5)

  9. Gym - Long Park Memorial Statue

  10. St. Joseph Catholic Church (lure from 3 to 5)

  11. Blue Star Memorial Statue (lure from 3 to 5)

  12. St. Joseph Statue (lure from 3 to 5)

  13. Gym- St. Paul Lutheran Church Concrete Mural

  14. St. Paul Lutheran Church (lure from 3 to 5)

Pokemon Go Event happening this weekend

(this event is not part of Country Days! We are just lucky enough to have it happening this weekend)

Pokemon / Niantic / Nintendo has no affiation with the City of Farmington / Farmington Reginal Chamber or Farmington Country Days in any way. 


Country Days PVP Battle Event

Pokémon consists of three teams - Team Mystic (blue), Team Instinct (yellow) and Team Valor (red). Pokémon Battles will be conducted through the Pokemon GO App on participant’s cellular device.

players will be participating in the Master League with all levels.


This event is limited to the first 48 registrants.

Registration will begin at 2pm in Long Park.

Entry to the event is free,  prizes  for 1st – 3rd place winners TBD.


 Each battle consists of two different players. This will also give players the chance to meet each other, become friends in game and so forth.

On the first round the loser of each battle is dropped out of the event.

At that point we will begin the second round from the winners of the first round.

At the conclusion of the second round, the loser of each battle is dropped out of the event.


Battles will continue with the winners from the each round and will continue until we are down to the last four people standing. These FINAL FOUR will battle against each other.

The two players that lose the battle will compete for the third place spot in the semifinals.

The loser is dropped out and the winner is the 3rd place winner.

The last round will be the Finals round.

This consists of the top two players of the event. This round will determine who is the Champion of the Pokémon Battle.

The one that loses is the 2nd place winner and the winner is the 1st place winner.

Questions about this even please email cindy@cnmtechsolutions.com!